A community with lovely common areas. A full activity program tailored to our seniors’ interests. Delicious meals served by an attentive staff. Professional assistance. There’s no reason to consider living

Why Choose an Assisted Living Comunity

Assisted Living services in High Springs, Florida can be found at Plantation Oaks.

Why consider assisted living for yourself or a loved one? Here are three reasons:

1. A Home That Makes You Feel Safe & Secure

Staying alone at home may not maximize well-being. As we age, we all begin to have issues with mobility and other activities of daily living.  Nutrition, exercise, and socialization are all important aspects of living a healthy, fulfilling life that may suffer when living alone.

Assisted living facilities provide safe homes to seniors when living alone becomes too much. Rooms and bathrooms have call buttons to alert trained staff should help ever be needed 24 hours a day.

If bathing, dressing medication assistance is needed, a personalized plan will be put in place.

2. Specialized Memory Care To Assist You

Statistics show a more rapid decline in most seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s when they are living alone with little social interaction.  The environment at Plantation Oaks is tailored to provide a stimulating and nurturing place for those with cognitive issues.

Activities and socializing provide an opportunity to remain active and exercise the brain, body, and soul. The environment at Plantation Oaks is perfect for connecting one-on-one with others while benefitting from Specialized Memory Care Services in High Springs, Florida.

3. Eating Together & Socializing   

Community mealtime is a great way to meet new friends.  Our group dining room is set up for people to enjoy their time together while getting receiving nutrition, all in a monitored setting.

As we age, many seniors will eat less or begin to make poor nutritional choices given the work involved in shopping and preparing meals.

Plantation Oaks provides Assisted Living and Memory Care services in High Springs, Alachua and Gainesville, Florida.

Plantation Oaks is a Retirement Living Associates, Inc. community. RLA has been a trusted adviser to communities along the East Coast from North Carolina to Florida for over 30 years.